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Lot 57
Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond and Diamond Ring
HK$1,000,000 - 1,500,000
US$128,000 - 192,000

Centring on an oval fancy vivid yellow diamond weighing 3.74 carats, flanked by two pear-shaped diamonds, mounted in 18 karat yellow gold. Ring size: 6

Accompanied by GIA report numbered 2195683344, dated 2 October 2018, stating that the 3.74 carat diamond is natural, Fancy Vivid Yellow colour, VS2 clarity, with Excellent polish.

Zimmi, a small village hidden in Sierra Leone’s rainforest region, is a significant mining region in West Africa that is enriched by precious metals and stones including diamonds, gold, rutile and bauxite forming deep in the mantle. Particularly prolific is its diamond output, where large, premium-grade white diamonds and vivid yellow diamonds are commonly found among the deposits. For this reason, Sierra Leone has been named “The Kingdom of Diamonds.”
The Zimmi mine in Sierra Leone produces the world’s most fascinating coloured and yellow diamonds. The yellow diamonds unearthed within the area are born with warm, saturated and intense yellow colour with a touch of orange hue. This makes the entire stone sparkles with a vivid yellow like the colour of Jonquil. Fluorescence is not commonly found in Zimmi diamonds, they usually possess black pinpoint inclusions instead. The rough of these stones also have a very unique characteristic; they have a naturally drilled hole that can reach into the heart of the stone. Yellow diamonds originated from the Zimmi mine is incredibly precious in the jewellery market, making them highly sought-after by Jewellery connoisseurs.